• BE HEARD: Caption It

Caption It specialises in all things captioning!

Caption It (‘CI’) is an Australian-based, privately owned company that has been in operation since the late 1990s. Caption It specialises in the delivery of live, offline, subtitle and language captioning services for broadcast, TVCs, feature film (including theatrical, DVD & Blu-ray formats), Internet, iTunes, and YouTube (in open and closed caption format), to the broadcast, education, government and private business sectors.

As arguably the country’s largest employer of the Stenocaptioner skill set, and a full stable of alternative skill sets (such as Respeaking, Qwerty and Audio Description Captioners), along with a long and demonstrable service delivery history, CI’s expertise lay in the depth and talent of its resource pool, its deployment and scalability capability, coordination, technological know-how, and operational management of live environments.

Caption It utilises inventive, robust and cost-effective remote, and on-site, methodologies as a means of delivering the group’s services to clientele around the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and South-East Asia.