Caption It’s core business is the production of Offline and Live Captions.

Caption It’s award-winning live captioning business has a long, distinguished, and demonstrable service history in winning, servicing and maintaining major captioning contracts with some of the most demanding broadcasters in the world, operating in some of the most heavily regulated broadcasting environments in the world, such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (‘ABC’), and to Independent Television (‘ITV’), as a supplier to ITFC.

Caption It has never failed to deliver captions for any program, on any channel, on any network, in any country.

Caption It offers a wealth of local and global experience, particularly in the production of live captions, and has an extensive, award-winning, and indisputable service record to both domestic and international clients, with SLA targets on quality, quantity, and delivery deadlines exceeding a proven 99.6%.

Caption It’s legislative, regulatory and technical knowledge and know-how has enabled it to develop (and deploy) innovative, cost-effective, and flexible captioning solutions, employing a broad range of strategic methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies.

Caption It provides all clients with captioning-specific, 24/7 engineering, IT and operational support, 365 days a year.

With a combined captioning experience of well over a century, the Caption It resource group irrefutably represent the most talented, experienced, and captioning-specific trained personnel available in their respective skill set marketplace today. Together, they provide captions 24/7 around the world, on a daily basis, with specialties in news and current affairs, sports, and entertainment programs.

Caption It has been providing award-winning offline captions to markets around the world for the past 15 years. Our highly trained captioners commonly work from scripts and transcripts, but also from video from which they create a transcript themselves. Caption It prides itself on its service delivery record, particularly with quick turnaround programs, with 100% accuracy. Caption files can be provided in an array of file formats (open or closed).

As well as traditional Live and Offline captions, Caption It also provides translation services and can translate English dialogue into over 50 languages, and vice versa. Caption files can be provided in an open or closed format.

Make your next webcast presentation accessible to all by incorporating caption text, on any subject, at any time, anywhere on your webcast page. Captioning your webcast is simple, with most HTML5-compatible browsers ready to webcast, straight out of the box!

Communication Access Realtime Translation – Translate the spoken word, realtime, into text for Conferences, AGMs, expos, educational seminars and anywhere that audio needs to be accessible to everyone. We provide the resource and technological know-how.

We provide a prompt and efficient transcription service for all video and audio file types, with guaranteed turnaround times as little as 30 minutes on a 15-minute piece of audio.

In early 2001, Caption It revolutionised the Australian and UK captioning industries with its development and deployment of the first truly affordable, and truly remote methodology. This methodology opened up resource pools and service opportunities around the world and saw Australia exporting its Stenocaptioning writing skills to the UK soon after, all without leaving the country!

Caption It invests heavily in R&D to develop unique and cost-effective service offerings to its clients, allowing them to successfully and efficiently navigate the ever-increasing convergence of the media and broadcasting landscape, from new and ingenious ways to produce and deliver captions, through to catch-up services.